Mazda Alternators

The alternator of your Mazda engine is essentially a motor. It functions with the rotation of the connected serpentine belt.

What does an Alternator do for My Mazda

The alternator motor is designed to transfer kinetic energy from the motion of the serpentine belt into usable DC voltage. The alternator holds a pair of spinning electromagnets inside of its housing that spin rapidly around a coil to create the power. It is used to charge your car battery while you drive. The voltage is also used to power parts like your powered-windows, windshield wipers, and dash lights.

Signs of Alternator Failure in Mazda

Mazda alternators can last beyond 100,000 miles. But on occasion, they may begin to show signs of normal wear and tear around this mileage marker. Symptoms of a bad car alternator may include a dead battery, vehicle stalling, high-pitched whining noises or clicking when starting the car, or a damaged or failing serpentine belt. If you encounter any of these issues, seek inspection from your local Mazda technician.

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