Mazda Air Filters

Air filters are an important aspect of your car's engine, as well as your air conditioning's health and longevity. There are usually two air filters for every vehicle.

Air Filters & How They Benefit Your Mazda Engine

Air filters are designed to block debris from entering your engine and AC system. Your air intakes for both systems draw air from outside the vehicle. Since outside air contains everything from dust, pollen, bugs, and leaves, the air filters block these matters from entering and harming your combustion process and AC unit.

Air filters are made with a plastic or rubber rectangular framing with synthetic cotton fiber material that allows air through but blocks airborne contaminants. The air filter fits snugly inside the air intake so that air doesn't seep through.

When to Replace Mazda Air Filters?

Air filters last between 30,000 and 50,000 miles depending on your daily driving environment. Signs of a bad air filter will include a drop in fuel efficiency and lower acceleration due to the lack of air flow entering your engine. For your AC filter, you may notice a foul odor inside your Mazda's interior. You can visually inspect both filters by removing them and checking for blockages and dark areas of dirt.

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